Willow Farm Adventures: Year Two- Winter Week Four

Well, I got to see the fruits of my labor as far as one of the new board requests! Several of the new requests will unlock cut scenes when completed. I managed to complete Gus’s request for 24 eggs for his special omelet. Once I had completed it and gone back to the bar, Gus had made everyone a giant and, according to the responses, tasty omelet. It is pretty cool to see, even if a lot of those requests are rather challenging.

We also once again had the Winter Star Festival. Linus gave to me this year, a lovely cake. While I gave to… I’m going, to be honest, I forgot to take a screenshot apparently and can’t remember. Harvey expressed how overwhelmed and happy he felt (awww). It was a nice “Christmas” in-game.

I also got more of my plans for my farm complete and ready to go into year three… I can hardly believe it.

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