Willow Farm Adventures: Year Two- Winter Week One

Well, we are in winter and kick it off with a wedding! That’s right, I finally “proposed” to Harvey, and we got married in the first week of winter. Rather thrilled with this development. (stay tuned next week for a quick overview of our characters’ relationship). Lewis also gives a bit of a speech about your farmer truly being part of the community now.

The other great news is we finally got a cheerful cut scene with Shane. After the events of the last ones and his near suicide, this time, Shane invites you over to show you something he is proud of. He’s been using part of Marnie’s farm to build his own little egg business and has something he actually feels is worth doing and is proud of. Honestly, it will never stop being true that Shane’s struggles speak to me on a personal level, and after how hard the last few scenes with him were, it is great to see him happy and motivated.

Other than that, I spent time setting up my greenhouse and am glad to have it for this winter, so there is more progress than just the animal stuff. Also had a quick conversation with Sam about adjusting to his father being home from the war.

All in all, my place in Pelican Town is pretty set up, and I am glad to get more interaction with the characters and that we are close to finishing up some important things.

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