6 thoughts on “Willow Farm Adventures: Year Two- Fall

    1. In it, you move to a town and take over your late grandfather’s farm and slowly build it up (so farming sim stuff) while kind of integrating into the town. There is also mining, fishing, all that jazz, so a bit like Harvest Moon. It is a lot of fun, and there are different ways to play. A bit of micromanaging, but I really like that. I find it a fun game to chill with. Here is my actual Impressions piece on it from a while ago if you are curious- https://megan-e-zombi.com/2019/01/07/impressions-why-i-am-still-playing-stardew-valley/

      Thanks again for all the comments! ^_^


      1. It’s a pretty close comparison. I would say the farming and mining and everything is a bit more involved but there are a lot of similarities. You can also really influence the town and help it grow which is nice. Also, I apologize for the delay in response!


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