Willow Farm Adventures: Year Two- Fall Week Two

So sadly, this was a pretty dull week – a lot of just taking care of the farm, regular discussions with people, etc. – At this point, the farm is pretty well automated, with me only having to collect stuff then turn it into goods, but that can take time in and of itself.

I did get a conversation with Robin and Demetrius that I was dreading. The wonderful “is tomato a fruit or a vegetable” conversation. It starts when you walk in on Robin and Demetrius fighting because she sent him to town to get fruit, and he came back with a bunch of tomatoes. I know that tomato is a fruit, but I think people who get hung up on it are pedantic. No one asks for a bunch of fruit and expects a basket full of tomatoes. So I lost some friendship points but refused to take his side and got a lecture, lol.

A pretty normal week in Stardew.

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