Willow Farm Adventures: Year Two- Fall Week One

Our second fall in Stardew! During the first week, I finished another community bundle and unlocked the bus station to the desert. It is an extra area with a new mine, and it is where Emily’s friend Sandy lived. I admit that the first time Sandy was brought up, it sounded a bit like “my Canadian girlfriend,” “my friend in the desert who no one has met named… Sandy.” The desert area is cool, although the mine there is a bit challenging. Pam is also the driver, and I am unsure if it will have an impact, but there are some dialogue pieces implying that everyone in town thinks if she were working again, she’d drink less.

We also got another bundle completed, which opens up the possibility of panning for items.

There was a brief cutscene where your farmer talks to Jas and Vincent about being a farmer for Penny. Vincent also jokes about Sam and Penny spending time together, and it’s rather well done in that way where kids will say things that make people awkward without meaning to. There is a lot of realistic dialogue in a lot of these scenes, and I love it.

I also got a scene with Leah where she admits that her ex hadn’t wanted her to move to Pelican Town and instead get a real job and settle down, keeping art on the side. Leah couldn’t deal with it and packed up and left. You have several replies, but I stuck with supportive. She also talked more about the art show idea from earlier in the game.

So, all in all, mostly a week of some exploring, relationship building, and cleaning up a few things.

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