Willow Farm Adventures: Year Two- Summer Week Two

Once again, a mix of scenes with characters and a lot of just letting the farm run itself! This week we got possibly one of the funniest cut scenes, with Willy having an experiment go awry. Not entirely sure what he was attempting to accomplish, but his store ends up filled with crabs. Gus comes to take them away with promises to take good care of them and then mentions an upcoming crab special.

I also got another scene with Gus and, this time, Pam. Gus is struggling, and Pam has not been paying her tab. It’s sort of a rough scene, but Pam does agree to pay. It further taps into Pam’s problems, not just being her own.

Got an odd scene with Pierre (I found his weed stash?), and Haley is finally starting to show more development.

This is also the week of Luau, as you may or may not remember. This time we managed to add an ingredient that got us the best response, which should greatly increase my standing with all the villagers.

A cut scene heavy week but fun nonetheless!

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