Willow Farm Adventures: Year Two- Summer Week One

The first week of summer and honestly the following seasons will be weird because the farm is pretty self-sufficient. It does mean that it is easier for me to build up my friendships around town, and to that end, we got more cut scenes.

First Emily showed us her dance which was… interesting. I can’t decide how I feel about this character; she is nice but out there. She also did a fashion show with a few characters in town to help them bring out their inner self. It is a cute scene, and nice to see what everyone picks. Clint, of course, gets too embarrassed and flustered, the poor blacksmith.

I also completed another bundle in the community center, this time opening the carts, which allow you to travel around Pelican Town a bit faster.

There was a bummer though, I finally got the scene where you discover that Lewis and Marnie are indeed in a secret relationship. Marnie is hurt that they continue to hide it while Lewis believes they have to because of his status as mayor. I like Marnie overall (she has a few moments), and it is rather sad that this is part of their plotline. You deserve better, girl!

Overall a cute and quiet week, though.

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