Willow Farm Adventures: Year Two- Spring Week Four

Well, the final week in Spring was filled with a lot of Shane moments and thus, kind of rough. We started off nice enough with Shane shooting a commercial for JojaMart and the silliness that ensues from that. However, the next two cut scenes are harder. One shows just how bad Shane’s drinking has gotten, and your character has to help Marnie waking him up from passing out. The other includes Shane contemplating ending his life and then needing to be taken to Harvey.

Shane feeling stuck in his own life and cycle is something I can empathize with. It is good that after the hospital scene, you get one of him thanking your character for their help and saying he will be going to therapy. It is still a pretty sad and rough ride to get there, though. Shane is a well-developed character, and I feel for his story a lot.

On a happier note, the Flower Dance happened again, only this time we actually got to dance with Harvey!

So a very Shane heavy closeout for the final week. Now on to our second summer!

One thought on “Willow Farm Adventures: Year Two- Spring Week Four

  1. Hey everyone! As per somebody’s “comment” (bad troll message), these are not reviews, simply an overview of a playthrough done week by week. Pretty sure most people got that, but just in case. I will probably go through year three, depending on how much I have done by then. Thanks so much!


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