Willow Farm Adventures: Year Two- Spring Week Three

This week was another week primarily focused on developing relationships with the characters in town. Alex opens up talks about his father not being a good man. His dad left, and his mother got sick and passed away not long after, forcing Alex to live with his grandparents (George and Evelyn). Alex is not my favorite, but his backstory is sad.

Penny and Pam also have a confrontation. Penny feels overwhelmed by having to take care of Pam, but Pam is embarrassed when Penny reaches out for help.

And a significant moment happens with Linus. Robin expresses her concern for Linus and whether or not he is truly fine living on his own. You are given the option to invite him to live on your farm, which honestly I wish you could, but I rightly guessed that it would not be the solution he’d like. Linus likes to be independent and live on his own.

As we are at the point where the farm is more self-sufficient, there is less significant progress (at least until we unlock more things). However, I did add a fishing pond.

With that, our second spring is almost over!

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