Impressions: Cluedo/Clue

Cluedo is the video game version of the classic “who dun it” board game. If you have never played Clue, there are a set number of possible murder weapons, killers, and locations the kill happened. At the start of the game, one of each is randomly drawn, and everybody else is dealt the rest of the deck. You move from room to room via dice rolls. Once in a room, you pick a weapon and person to make an accusation against (the room is assigned by the room you are in). If someone has say the person you accused, they will show you, thus eliminating that character from possible killers. You use the process of elimination to discover who the killer is, what they used, and where.

The video game version is the exact same, instead bringing creativity in the way the boards and characters look. You can play online, with personal friends, or against AI. You can also do a combo if you don’t have enough real players and need to supplement with AI. You have your virtual deck and an interactive notebook, which is pretty key to this game. As you move around, the notebook will update automatically if able, so for instance, if someone shows you a card, the notebook will mark that clue off. However, you can make your own notes in it. The first few times I played, I didn’t really pay attention to how the notebook worked, but once I sorted it, I realized how useful it was.

Really there is not much to say about this game in terms of gameplay. It is Clue, which is exactly what I wanted it to be. What is great about this game is the look of it. Now the sad part is the base game only comes with one board and set of characters, but then so do most actual board games. The art is well done, and the design and look of the board are cool. It adds a nice visual appeal to it. There is also some tongue in cheek humor with the designs themselves and the various poses and expressions the characters can give.

What is really worthwhile about this, though, is getting the season pass, on sale at least. I find it a bit overpriced on its own, but I was able to get it for 50% off. It unlocks 10 additional boards and character types, and they are all themed and great. There is a haunted mansion, a Sherlock Holmes themed board, Egypt in the 1930s, etc. They are all fun, pretty unique (a few are a touch similar to others but not many), and great looking. I super enjoy each of them and haven’t gotten bored with playing several games back to back just to experience them.

Aside from that, the other major advantage is, of course, having “people” to play with. I love classic board games, but they aren’t really playable on the fly in most cases; being able to play against AI gives me that opportunity.

So the bottom line is really two bottom lines. Do you like classic board games? If yes, this is actually one of the best video game versions of one I have seen. It looks great, plays faster than, say, Monopoly (which is fun but plays too slow), and is a delight. If you don’t… well, there is your answer. However, in addition to that, I would also say, how much are you going to have to spend. The base game is not bad, but it does just provide the one board. It’s really about that season pass, but the price is pretty steep. I would say put it on the wishlist and watch for sales, then invest.

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