Willow Farm Adventures: Year Two- Spring Week One

The second year! I haven’t gotten to the second year with many characters because I have a bit of a restart problem with this game. I am glad to be here, though, and excited to see what will happen to Willow Farm this year.

The second year starts off with the addition of Kent, Sam and Vincent’s father, who has finally returned from the war. He is a pleasant but quiet character, and I am looking forward to trying to see more of his character development.

So hilariously enough, now that the greenhouse is not as needed (since you can plant again), I was able to finish the bundle and get it right away. It would have been nice to have in winter, but I am glad I will have it for the coming one, and the greenhouse is always at least a bit useful.

I also unlocked the scene where Elliot invites the farmer to come see a reading of his latest book. Your suggestion earlier in the game will determine what kind of book he wrote. I went with sci-fi, and it was sort of funny because outwardly, Elliot does not seem the sci-fi sort. As a (struggling) writer, I have a soft spot for Elliot and was glad to get this scene.

In fact, I unlocked a few scenes for characters. More of Abigail’s difficulties with her parents, Emily finds and begins healing a bird, and Maru working on her great invention were all featured.

Other than that, back to the grind and glad to be in year two.

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