2020 Brief Recap

This was a rough year; we all know this. It was far from my most productive year, and I am rather disappointed in myself overall. I struggled… a lot. However, dwelling on that cannot possibly help me. I want to motivate myself for next year (even with more of the badness carrying on), pat myself on the back for what I did, and remind myself of the things I enjoyed.

-Kept control of my suicidal thoughts
This might be morbid as hell, but honestly, it is an important one. If even a few years ago, everything that happened (both universally and personally) this year had happened to me, I am not sure I would have made it out the other side without another at least repeat attempt. I have a lot of room for growth, but honestly, it was a huge sign of the strides I have made.

Other than hating that they may well have been the last movie I saw in theaters, I thought this creature feature was a delight. Well acted, fun, scary, and great-looking movie. I have a few issues with it, but I am glad that I watched and got to see it on the big screen.

Finally finishing The Aftermath rewrite

This should have been done a while ago, but it did get finished, and it is live again. Some of the stories are not entirely reflective of where I am as a writer now, but I am proud of them and the rewrite.

I recently Tweeted that it is not simply my enjoyment of the movie that makes it one of the highlights of the year, but the reception. Watching an indie horror movie get so well received and hit the mainstream was an absolute treat. Having that indie movie also be a good romp that managed to use Covid without exploiting it is all the better.

I am damn proud of this piece of flash fiction and enjoyed the challenge, as it was my first body horror. Looking forward to challenging myself more.

-Reconnecting with an old friend
So I have been in and out of touch with this friend since we graduated high school. 2019 we started talking more, but this year, even with the distancing, we managed to get close again. It is nice to have that back.

-Murder, She Wrote

I have watched a lot of this show this year (still more to come because so many episodes), and honestly, it’s been a delight. I adore it and am glad to get that little bit of nostalgia while still looking at the show through a different lens.

Fun game, scary as hell, impressive for an early access game (which I am always hesitant with). Also, yay, New Mexico pride?


Playing a game where you get to be a shark and upgrade yourself to have things like “shock power” was, unsurprisingly, one of the funniest things I did all year. This game is a treat!

For 2021 I want to focus on my writing. I want to hopefully complete a large writing project and be more consistent with my smaller ones. I also want to improve my writing overall and start to work for other sites. I also have plans for slowly coming back to streaming and building up consistency again. Other than that, my health (mental, emotional, and physical).

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