Willow Farm Adventures: Year One- Winter Week Four

The final week of winter and of the first year! As with Spirit’s Eve (Halloween), the last week of winter has Feast of the Winter Star (Christmas). I was Maru’s secret gift giver while George gave to me. Other than that, standard festival fare. You can talk to everyone and get their feedback on the festival and just enjoy the town all decorated.

Because we increased our relationship with people so much this season, we are wrapping up the year with some more friendship scenes. We found out that George is not in his wheelchair due to old age but an accident. He is resentful as he always saw himself as being the type that would keep going physically even in old age. We also connected more with Leah, and she opened up about her art.

And… we got the date scene with Harvey! In an effort to combat his fear of heights, Harvey rents a hot air balloon to take your character on a date. It’s a cute scene with his general nervousness, but he eventually relaxes and can enjoy with the help of your character. This also means that our level has increased enough that next year we can marry him.

Other than that, I just made sure to spend time cleaning up a few things and increasing my skills a little. On to year two!

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