Impressions: The Sims 4- Snowy Escape

Snowy Escape is the latest in the long, LONG list of Sims 4 add-ons. This one is inspired by Japan and introduces the new area of Mt. Komorebi. Like the other areas in the game, there are a few residences you can move into and a few city locations like parks and bars. However, what is unique to Mt. Komorebi is a ski resort area, much like Island Living added beaches.

This expansion comes with many new outdoor actives and a bit of a push for a more active lifestyle. It adds skiing, snowboarding, rock climbing, and extends the hiking skill, which was partially introduced in Outdoor Living. There are different hiking locations in Mt. Komorebi, and each one includes different paths.

You can choose to move into the location or just visit the ski resort on vacation with your sims. I decided to move in because I like to see the new expansions “from the ground up,” as it were. The new area is beautiful, aesthetically speaking. Everything is Japanese inspired, as mentioned. This makes for some great build items, and the parks and buildings are beautifully designed. Locales around the map also include new food vending places and vending machines with Japanese (or inspired) treats.

Clothing ranges from both Japanese inspired to simple outdoors-person looks.

However, the new job is a bit questionable? Salaryperson is the new career path, and it leans into the stereotype about Japanese working culture. You get dinged pretty hard for taking time off, and working overtime is highly encouraged. Also included in the normal pop ups for jobs, things like “missed the train home and need to sleep in a pod” or “went out for karaoke” that can determine work performance bonuses have been added. It feels… a bit weird.

The other big feature added is Lifestyles. These remind me of some of the traits that you could take that were removed from the game, only now you have to work to build them. Not all translate to old traits, but things like active vs. lazy, whether your sim likes a lot of friends or a few, etc. They will naturally develop as your sim does various things related to them. I enjoyed these, but the decay on them (you lose them if you don’t keep it up) is actually a bit excessive.

There are also more festivals; however, they aren’t really fleshed out, and I wish they brought a bit more to the game. Still, they are a fun addition and something new to do.

Overall I actually rather enjoy this expansion, and it’s easily one of my favorites. I have more to experience, but so far, I have been thrilled. It is a good expansion for the season (all the snow theme) and just fun. Although considering the rate and the amount of dlc for this game, I understand waiting for a discount.

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