Willow Farm Adventures: Year One- Winter Week Three

So depending on when you last played Stardew Valley, this week’s event may or may not be new to you. The Night Market is a three-day event added to the game late last year. On the 15th, 16h, and 17th after 5 pm, the beach area will open up the Night Market. It has a few shops with unique items, you can go on a submarine tour to fish (and there are special fish), and there is The Mermaid Show. Each night you visit, there will be different town people there for you to interact with. It is a fun addition to the game, especially with winter being a bit long sometimes.

I also decided this week to give a bouquet to Harvey (the town tradition), and so he is now my character’s boyfriend. I am excited to see the rest of his romance play out.

Other than building up relationships with town’s people, I spent a lot of my time just running around and making sure not to completely drain myself before the market opened.

Getting so close to the end of year one!

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