Willow Farm Adventures: Year One- Winter Week Two

This week kicks right off with a festival, Festival of Ice. You can walk around and see the snowgoons that everyone is making and then participate in a fishing contest. I can offer no advice other than having your fishing skill leveled up by that point. It’s a lovely festival, but I’ve always enjoyed the festival parts of the game.

This week, I reached the bottom of the mine, which I was excited about, and you finally discover what your “favorite thing” does in the game.

I also got another scene with Harvey. You watch as he makes contact with a pilot with his old CB radio and is rather excited. He eventually admits that he always wanted to grow up to be a pilot, but it was not to be with his bad vision and fear of heights. He admits that not everyone is meant to follow those dreams and that he is happy being a doctor.

I also got a few cutscenes with Abigail and Sebastian. Sebastian mostly complains about being stuck in a small town and people not taking his work (coding) seriously. Abigail struggles greatly with her parents and their expectations of who she should be.

I got one more surprise scene… a new friend featured below.

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