Willow Farm Adventures: Year One- Fall Week Three

The third week of fall brings us the Stardew Valley Fair. It is slightly different from other festivals as it is a bit more free form. There is not one major scene for the event, and the main focus of it does not signify the end. The primary thing you can participate in is the grange display competition. You bring 9 items to “represent your farm” to compete with the others. The best bet is to make sure everything is high quality, if possible, and to bring a variety: a few fish, a few goods, some fruits and vegetables, even a mineral or two. Variety and high quality will win this for you.

Once you finish the display portion, you can still wander around. There are various booths for you to win more stars for prizes, and overall it has a relaxed feel. I really enjoy this festival and the variety of things to do. It doesn’t hurt that I grew up in a family that participated in the yearly fair in real life, so I quite like this interpretation.

I got more mining done, and while I didn’t hit any of the more significant moments, I have developed better friendships with various town members, including Elliot.

We are getting close to the end of fall!

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