31 Days of Horror: Creepshow- All Hallows Eve/The Man in the Suitcase

I felt this would be a good duo to round out the Halloween viewing. Sort of an interesting blend of two very different stories. I enjoyed them both, but not sure how well they tied together.

All Hallows Eve

This one starts with two preteens meeting up preparing for a night out for Halloween. Both express how little they want to go out but, for some reason, “have to.” Eventually, the whole group meets up, and they start trick or treating. At first, the idea seems to be that they are just hooligans, and people don’t really want to deal with them; however, each house’s scared reactions get worse and worse. Eventually, the kids are confronted by a woman with a gun, they goad her to just go ahead and kill them, but she gives up.

In a flashback, we find out that the kids in question were actually murdered by their bullies in a Halloween prank gone wrong? The details are a little sketchy as to if the murder was intentional or not, but regardless each year, the kids have “trick or treated” and killed off their bullies one by one.

I liked this episode. It is hard when you have young actors because they are simply naturally not as good. However, they did a respectable job. The build-up was a bit poorly paced but then… well, see my other reviews of this series—good story and well done.

The Man in the Suitcase

Justin is a bit of a loser who’s parents are mad at him, and his girlfriend has just dumped him because he is not doing anything with his life. He takes home the wrong suitcase to find a man folded up inside. Justin’s first response is to try to help the man out. The process is excruciating and also makes the man spit up gold coins. The man convinces Justin to wait until the next day as he needs a rest and that any coins produced in the process will be his. Justin’s roommate has a completely different response to finding out, kicking the suitcase down the stairs to produce many coins. Justin at first agrees to keep the man for a while to get as many coins as possible but eventually free him. Justin’s roommate disagrees.

I had my suspicions due to the man “needing breaks” while Justin was first actually trying to get him out (also just based on understanding story structure). However, once the man resigns himself because he deserves it, it’s pretty clear what is going to happen. Justin is killed by his roommate, who goes to continue the torture. The man turns into a… djinn? (at least that’s what I think) and puts the roommate in his place in the case (Justin’s ex is also involved but for ease of explaining left her out).

The scariest part for me about this episode is when Justin, who is actually not dead, wakes up in the hospital. His “happy ending” is the man had sent him a note saying if he ever needs help, he only has to think about them. Yay for Justin, right? Yeah, but no. I don’t think you want something like whatever it was to feel indebted or kinship to you. Seems like there might be pretty negative consequences for ever calling in that chit.

Still a good episode and one of my favorites. The underlying plot has been done before, but it was an interesting journey to get there.

So I picked this pair for the Halloween episode but really ended up enjoying the second part a great deal. This was one of the better episodes, I think.

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