Willow Farm Adventures: Year One- Fall Week Two

This week was, of course, heavily focused on farming. I did manage to get a bit further in the mines on the days I was able to spend that extra energy. What was great about this week was building up some friendships.

I got a cutscene with Linus, the “wild man,” in case you forgot. He admits to having a hard time trusting people at first, which is entirely understandable. Considering one of the random dialogues you can get from him is his asking you not to destroy his tent because people have done it to him before. He is an interesting character, and the way the various characters respond to him can be reflective of how we deal with the idea of homelessness in real life.

On a less serious note, my relationship with Harvey is also developing. I got a cutscene with him working out with the women in town as they do once a week. He admits to being embarrassed to be caught, especially by your character, but wanting to stay fit. You can tease him, but of course, that wasn’t the way I went with it.

A light but fun week.

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