31 Days of Horror: The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

So I am clearly not hitting 31 movies this month. I simply did not have the time once I fell behind. It was a great effort, though, and I am glad I at least attempted. I will try to get a few more up in these last couple of days, including-

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. I recently discussed this movie when talking about my favorite slashers, and I get it; it’s borderline between being a slasher and just an exploitation film. I think it’s impossible to deny the influence it had on the slasher subgenre, though.

Now some of this movie has not aged well. Franklin is downright painful, and the chase scene with Sally goes on a bit too long. Other aspects that are showing age actually work perfectly with the movie, such as its rawness.

For me, this movie is really about how terrifying Leatherface is, though. The laugh while chasing Sally. The way he just brutally and coldly goes through them all. The just nightmare sound of that chainsaw in the long chase scene. He is a positively terrifying killer, and while I think other movies did okay with the role, this one is hands down the best (scariest).

As much as TCM is not really one of my favorite franchises overall (I like some movies really don’t care for others), Leatherface is probably one of my favorite killers. No matter how many times I have seen this movie, he still scares me.

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