Willow Farm Adventures: Year One- Fall Week One

And we are in fall! Fall is a crazy season because there are many varieties of crops, but it is also the last push before winter when farming basically shuts down. There are two ways to stay successful during the winter. Spend fall finishing out the pantry in the community center to get the greenhouse, something we won’t be able to do. Or, and our plan, make sure to get lots of animals and stockpile things needed for artisanal goods.

This season started like any other. Cleaned up the farm a little, bought and started as many crops as possible, and spent the little leftover energy doing what I could. Mostly that ended up being a bit of fishing as I would be fairly drained, but this also meant a lot of socializing.

I got a cutscene that is always a bit difficult for me. Penny notices George struggling because he can’t reach the back of the mailbox while in his wheelchair. She moves him and grabs it for him. It’s a difficult scene only in that Penny is well-intentioned, but it’s kind of messed up. If you side with George, he will admit that Penny was trying to be helpful, and Penny will also admit that she should be more aware of how she offers her help. Once George leaves, Penny wants to discuss aging, and you are prompted to give a response to how you feel about it. Generally, not great is my real-world answer, it’s another part of life, is my in-game response.

I also got the scene with Abigail to play the in-game, game, a shooter called Journey of the Prairie King. We got our asses kicked. I’ve never been good at it.

All in all a good start to the season.

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