31 Days of Horror: Final Destination

The Final Destination franchise is something else. Of the horror franchises (that I have seen all of), it is one that I feel starts off pretty weak but then doesn’t really drop. Some of the movies are a little bit worse than the others, but I think the overall quality is consistent. Just not high. The general concept is actually rather cool; death is not just a thing we experience but a force that has a plan and doesn’t like it when its plans are altered. It can be a force that actually moves and changes things. This is creepy, this is cool. It also touches on the idea of us being helpless to the forces of fate and nature, something that humans hate confronting but have to frequently.

My issue is more about how the movies play out. Bluntly, I feel I am too old for these movies. By focusing on a younger audience with the core concept, the movies become more about teenage angst, over the top kills, and some of the drama I could do without. I find myself often just sitting back and watching everything unfold rather than more actively enjoying it.

However, I do love those kills, and I appreciate that it didn’t take long for the franchise to realize that the over the top deaths were the way to pull the audience in. Sure there was a simple death, but it was the overly complicated scene with the teacher and the third act scenes that really drew people in. If you are going to have “death” as your villain, then I think going over the top was the way to go.

I like this movie. I don’t love it, and I have a hard time really “getting into it” and enjoying it. It is certainly not bad, has some solid moments, and being the age I am, I can’t help but love the overall 00sness of it. I am not sure it is the best use of the idea, but then it’s not mine.

Also, as someone who flew several times both pre and post 9/11, watching movies that feature planes from before 2001 are honestly kind of a trip.

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