31 Days of Horror: Victor Crowley

So I will be keeping this one brief because, simply put, the movie was not for me. It felt like it leaned harder into being a comedy overall and had more moments outside of the “horror” that were amusing. However, it just isn’t my taste. I laughed at a few jokes, was irked by some, some truly bothered me, but mostly it was an experience that just… didn’t land. At all.

I think that’s fine. There are movies that I have seen that genuinely bothered me, and I can say I hated them. This is not one of those movies. It flirts with it at moments.

I am also notably a poor judge of comedy. My tastes are rather inconsistent, and I dislike more straight comedies than I like.

We aren’t all going to like everything, and again there were some moments that made me laugh and/or I enjoyed.

Although “ironic racism” and jokes of a similar nature, going away from horror-comedy would not be the worst thing… As I said, this movie got borderline for me.

Anyway, the franchise is done, and it was an experience. Danielle Harris and Tony Todd were my favorites parts of it by far, but then that’s not surprising.

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