31 Days of Horror: Sinister

It hasn’t been so long since I wrote about this movie, so I don’t have to just do another review. My brief take is that there are some really cool ideas in this movie, but I think it could have been better if it leaned more crime thriller (have it be a cult or Ellison breaking down), but I can’t say the direction it went is is ‘wrong.’ It’s a decent flick but one thing about it… the main score.

Honestly, when I think of iconic horror themes, I find Sinister’s to be up there, and it can hold its own against greats like the Halloween theme. It is dark, unsettling, it has that odd sort of it can be difficult to listen to, but you still enjoy it. It is honestly one of the best themes I have heard in a while and all-around a great soundtrack.

I think a lot of horror movies neglect this. That is not to say they have poor soundtracks, but it doesn’t always feel like a priority. It felt like a priority in this movie, and I think it serves it well.

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