31 Days of Horror: Creepshow- The Companion/Lydia Layne’s Better Half

So this was my first dive into anything Creepshow. The movies had always been one of those dark marks on my “I can’t believe I haven’t seen this yet” list. I like horror anthologies. I often feel as though we get caught up in long-form and forget that short but sweet little pieces can be a good thing. So with that, I dove in with this episode mainly because of the scarecrow thumbnail.

The Companion

Harold is found by his friend sitting alone, showing signs of a beating. They discuss Harold’s brother doing it, and his friend attempts to offer him some help. After being left alone again, Harold’s brother shows up and chases him onto a farm. Harold grabs a cane from the “heart” of a super scary looking scarecrow to defend himself then keeps running. As both his brother and now the scarecrow are chasing him, Harold comes across the story. A widower created the scarecrow to be his companion only to realize there was something wrong with it.

Harold has to fight off the scarecrow only to discover that it responds to the very cane he removed. We get a pretty standard “twist” in that at first it appears that Harold has “killed” the scarecrow, only to discover that he has brought it home to kill his brother.

This is… this is not the most unique plot. Bullied/mistreated kid comes across some evil, and instead of destroying, it uses it to exact revenge. Even more straight children’s horror has played with this concept. The truth is this sort of fantasy speaks to many of us. The idea of our tormentors being tormented, while we don’t actually want it to happen, once again horror gives us something we need-a cathartic representation of our feelings but in a “safe” way. It also speaks to the idea that we can be turned into monsters by our monsters. It is one that several horror works have explored and one of my favorites. This is is not the most overt version of that, but it works. It was an interesting piece and got me curious about the rest. I did find myself thinking that if all were like this, perhaps each segment should have been extended a bit for a little more development.

Lydia Layne’s Better Half

Lydia Layne is a successful businesswoman and has a new job promotion to give to one of two people. Much to her lover’s dismay, Lydia does not choose her. The two of them fight with Lydia’s lover believing that Lydia is holding her back to basically “keep her” as an extension of her instead of letting her be her own woman. The fight escalates and turns physical, then eventually Lydia accidentally kills her lover. As Lydia attempts to get the body out of the building, she is locked in the elevator with her.

It is pretty much a modern update on The Black Cat meets a The Tell-Tale Heart. Both trapped with the physical evidence of what she has done as well as the emotional torment of it. The longer Lydia is trapped with the body, the more she begins to lose her grip, and her desperation not to be discovered and to get away from the body has terrible consequences.

I like the theme of this one as well. Again, it is offered some of my favorite horror works. I also liked the ironic ending, although not the most unpredictable. Tricia Helfer did an exceptional job as well. Much like with the first half, I once again think that the short would have been benefited by even being 5-10 mins longer.

I am glad I started the show and am looking forward to seeing more.

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