31 Days of Horror: Tucker and Dale vs. Evil

So this is going to be a rather mushy entry. Aside from being a fun movie, Tucker and Dale vs. Evil might be one of the most wholesome movies I have ever seen. Show someone the scene of the young man diving headfirst into a woodchipper and say that then see the looks you get. But regardless, it is actually true.

Throughout the movie, Dale is constantly confronting his insecurities and lack of self-worth. Tucker admittedly takes advantage of it a few times, but otherwise, the movie is very bluntly saying that Dale (viewers who share those self-doubts) are worth something, are special, and it does so without feeling too after school special but also without being tongue in cheek about it. We are prompted to laugh at the irony of some of Dale’s insecurities; for instance, when he says he is not smart, he just remembers everything he’s ever told, reads about, etc. We aren’t asked to laugh at him for being insecure, though.

A lot of movies that go down this road can be uplifting overall but still sort of make fun of its characters in a way that reinforces the negativity. Tucker and Dale avoids that. It is also not a setup. Dale is given a chance to overcome his insecurities, get a great girl, and have a happy ending. Wholesome!

And also again beyond funny. This was a good one to include, especially as I will likely be watching some much bleaker movies later on.

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