31 Days of Horror: Hatchet III

Shockingly I found this to be the best of the movies. The plot is super weakened now, but this movie had more moments of real tension and horror. It was still a shaky homage to slasher trash, but it got closer to what I felt the goal always was. A tribute that can stand alone. This movie doesn’t nail it, but it was much closer than its predecessors. That said, I think to shake things up, I should talk about another topic. Scream Queen Danielle Harris.

Danielle made her first appearance in the horror genre in Halloween 4 and 5, playing Jamie, Laurie Strode’s daughter. Those movies have been taken out of the cannon a few times, but Danielle really did an excellent job in Halloween 4. Halloween 5 was… well, the problem with that movie certainly wasn’t her acting. She then once again was in Halloween, this time playing Annie, Laurie’s best friend.

Danielle actually admitted that going back to Halloween actually ended up being difficult for her. By her own admission, it had a lot to do with the different ways she was treated as a “victim” as a child vs. adult.

Either way, it helped solidify her in horror fans’ minds. She had been in a few horror movies between the two, but it was after the Halloween remake that her identity as a scream queen really grew. She took on more horror roles, Hatchet for example, and started guest appearing in a lot of Halloween themed indie projects, tv shows, etc.

While she’s never been limited to horror, a lot of horror fans see her as one of the remaining icons. Many of the old scream queens made attempts to separate themselves from the genre, although some are coming back (Jamie Lee), but Danielle seemed to lean into it later in life. She is really one of the few that crosses multiple decades.

I am curious to watch and see if she is going to keep leaning into this, or if with her directorial debut if she will start to move from the genre. Either way, she is for me similar to say, Robert Englund and Kane Hodder; I am always rather thrilled when she makes an appearance in a horror flick.

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