31 Days of Horror: Hatchet II

Inspired by my Hatchet’s revisit, I decided to finally pull the trigger on at least one of the sequels. Hatchet II picks up immediately where Hatchet left off, with Marybeth (now played by Danielle Harris) being rescued. She discovers that she is tied to Victor, wants revenge, etc.

Alright, much like Hatchet, Hatchet II feels like it is stuck between wanting to be its own horror movie and wanting to be an homage to giants. The expansion of the legend is something that frequently happens in sequels to slashers. Throwbacks to the victims we lost in the first movie and a few characters making a second appearance. Reverend Zombie’s character is expanded, and they attempt to add a bit more to the plot with him. As a fan of Tony Todd, I liked this, but he is just a bit too obvious that he is setting something up. Some of these callbacks feel rather odd, though, like having the same person play a victim from the first movie’s brother in this one.

Much like my last bit, I don’t have a lot to say about this movie. I was less entertained by it than the first. Some of the attempts to make the story have a little more meat to it worked out; other attempts did not land. Overall it doesn’t feel fleshed out or strong enough to stand on its own, while not being good enough of a homage to old school slasher to really win in that aspect. It feels to be lacking a bit in identity.

Also, much like the first, it leans way too hard into some of the worst aspects of the genre. It is trying to be tongue in cheek, and it works sometimes, but more so it feels… groan-worthy?

Still, there is something oddly entertaining about them. I don’t like these movies the way I do old school slasher trash, but I do sort of like that they are going for that. It is not really successful, but they manage to be serviceable enough. I also (spoiler) give Zombie a lot of credit. His idea was kind of messed up, but it likely would have been easier for him to let Marybeth die, and it puts a lot of effort into preventing that. Until he doesn’t.

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