31 Days of Horror: Hatchet

So this was another rewatch for me, and I will admit that I am torn much like with my first viewing. I appreciate what Hatchet was attempting to do. It wanted to do an homage to the 80s slasher. You have the cold opening, the backstory that creates a legend, the supernatural killer, the in your face sex, gore, and tropes. It’s all there, and you get the sense it’s meant lovingly, but it doesn’t actually give you the best sense of the genre.

It also leans in a little too hard at points, which irked me a bit. Yet there is something about it I sort of appreciate. It has some interesting kills and goes super over the top, which can make it hard to watch but is also sort of cool… in a terrible way. It does land the homage part pretty well but really amped up. There were also some genuine moments that surprised me.

I only wish it had stood up a little more on its own. The rewatch did remind me I should check out the sequels, however.

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2 thoughts on “31 Days of Horror: Hatchet

  1. I completely agree. This movie and the sequels that follow it are a series that I cant tell if I like or not. The entire story is kind of dumb and doesn’t make much sense. Personally I think director Adam green is really trying to create a staple in horror. But he doesn’t have the talent to make good horror. He wanted victor Crowley to join the ranks of Krueger, Voothees and Myers but fails to do so.


    1. Yeah, it feels a lot like “I want to make an homage but one that is so strong on its own it stands next to giants” but it is just not even close to strong enough… Some weird part of me is still kind of entertained though >_<

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