Willow Farm Adventures: Year One- Summer Week Four

The last week of summer! It was honestly a pretty insane season. I managed to get a lot done on the farm, got animals going, and really developed relationships in the town. I did not horde as much gold as I should have, I often forget that fall can be expensive, but we are doing really well.

As with last season, there isn’t new planting this week, so I did a whole lot of mining, fishing, and general farm development. Things are starting to shape up and look like a nice farm, although there is lots of organizing in my future.

The last week of summer does bring one of the best festivals, however, The Dance of the Moonlight Jellies. As with most festivals, you get some time to discuss with everyone, and then it begins. You launch a little boat, and jellies come up while ethereal music plays. Honestly, it’s such a pretty part of this game that even though it is repeated every summer, I love it every time. It is one of the simpler festivals, but there is something special about that.

It is also one that focuses on one of the core themes of the game, which is our impact on nature and relationship to it. The festival is beautiful, but there is a reminder hanging over it that it could end someday due to the “humans” interaction. The message is clear, people in real life watch the impact you make, just like the game characters are.

So an easy week and beautiful festival to end out another season in Stardew!

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