Willow Farm Adventures: Year One- Summer Week Three

So the third week of summer started with a visit from Demetrius. Once you have made enough, he will visit your farm and ask to set up research in the cave. You can either do fruit bats or mushrooms. Fruit bats leaving behind random fruit and mushrooms, well, you know. This choice has always thrown me because mushrooms objectively make more sense as they are harder to get, incredibly useful, and sell for a lot. However, the sooner you can get more rare fruits in the community center, the faster you can build the greenhouse. I went back and forth on this choice before ultimately picking mushrooms.

Importantly for this week, though… we finally got a coop! It took me a little longer than I would have liked, but we managed it and got some chickens. I tend to rely on artisanal goods more than anything for money-making, so I am glad that I will be producing more finally.

Other than the standard fair – replacing a few crops but not many, mining and fishing with whatever leftover energy I have, etc. – this week gave me a lot of cutscenes. Demetrius expressed his concern about my growing friendship with Maru and the fear that I will hold her back. This particular storyline only develops more if you actually end up dating her, otherwise, it oddly sort of fades.

I got a scene with Maru accidentally breaking something at the clinic and debating whether to hide it from Harvey.

The big one though, is a Sam and Vincent scene. Sam and Vincent’s father is fighting in the war and does not become a villager until the second year. Vincent expresses fear over whether or not their father will ever come home, and Sam admits that he isn’t sure if he should be brutally honest with his little brother or give him hope and comfort. It is rather sad but a touching moment, and once again, a sign that there is more happening in this game than it can appear.

So gameplay-wise a fairly standard week, but a lot of story and character development, which I love!

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