Willow Farm Adventures: Year One- Summer Week One

The first week of summer! As I stated in our last week of spring, I was able to take extra time to get a better-looking layout for the crops for upcoming seasons. Each new season introduces new crops, and we even get our first multi-season crops. There are a few in the game, and they are the only ones that will survive a season shift (as long as it is within the shared seasons).

Planting and getting everything sorted means many the early days of a season are just spent focused on farming. It also means several days (weeks) of lots of watering so draining energy. Getting sprinklers is helpful; I also did a watering can upgrade in the spring (highly recommend you get this as soon as possible). However, the big energy saver is the spa that opens in the mountains. If you go in, you can actually have your energy refilled. Because it takes so long, this won’t extend your days overly much, but enough that you aren’t just farming and then nothing.

I also got the first cutscene with Shane this week. I am not planning on pursuing the romance path with him, but Shane is an interesting character. And one I regretfully ignored for several playthroughs. His general rudeness towards your player character meant I never prioritized developing with him until I did, and realized what a well written and relatable character he is. Once you start to earn more hearts, you realize his rudeness is a cover for someone suffering from depression and the ill effects of self-medication. Something I relate to far more than I’d like. While he manifests these things in rudeness to others, mine did (does) in other ways. He is a compelling character, and I am glad that I am starting off towards unlocking more of his scenes.

So a lot of farming, some fishing, and we have our second season of the year off to a great start.

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