Willow Farm Adventures: Year One- Spring Week Four

Our last week of spring! So this week is a lot of prep work for the next season. Naturally, at this point, new crops are not happening because, at the end of each season, any remaining crops die. So as things grow, they are not replaced. This has the added benefit of allowing for a little more organization with crops moving forward and starting to actually design the farm. People also want to keep in mind that they should have a good stockpile of cash for the start of next season, so farm upgrades are another thing put on hold.

However, this does add the benefit of not running out of nearly as much energy by watering. That means a lot of extra time spent fishing and mining. I was also able to finish a few personal quests and help wanted board quests. Help wanted quests are optional to pick up and time-limited. Personal quests you will get to your mail and will have unlimited time. Both offer rewards as well as help your relationship with the character making the request.

The last week of spring is also the week of the Flower Dance. An event that you may or may not be able to participate in. It requires having 4 heart levels with at least one of the bachelors or bachelorettes of Pelican Town. I was unable to request a dance with anybody. Still, considering the dance’s connotations, I think waiting until the second year to participate in the dance part is reasonable (depending on how you like to play).

You are able to talk to everybody as with all festivals, which is always helpful. It is also fun seeing how they react to the various things happening around the festival.

And so the season ends. Still no animals, but we got off to a great start, and it will hopefully mean good upcoming seasons.

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