Willow Farm Adventures: Year One- Spring Week Three

Week Three was not the most popping week for me in Stardew. I focused a lot on fishing and farming, still attempting to develop both skills and keep money coming in to expand the farm. I actually got a pretty decent amount of crops growing, especially as buying replacements stops being wise after the third week.

I also had a few conversations and developed relationships with characters.

The only really notable thing that happened was further drama with Jojo Mart. This week, I got a cutscene where the owner comes into Pierre’s store, offering 50% off, of course, poaching all the people. Pierre laments once again that Jojo is slowly driving him out of business because he simply cannot afford that level of discount.

This plotline is… something that I think a lot of us that are tuned in can relate to. Especially people who have lived in smaller towns and watched bigger companies come in and chase out local businesses. Still, I am sticking with building up the community center and hoping to chase Jojo out.

Again, a really light week with more emphasis on farm care and such.

I have started to learn recipes, and I hope it won’t take me too long to get a kitchen this playthrough.

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