Willow Farm Adventures: Year One- Spring Week Two

Week Two in Stardew is where you should really start to see your adventure shape up your own way. There are still a few things to expect at this point, but by and large, the choices you make will have more of an impact on how different things are.

I spent as much time and money as I could developing the farm more. I personally really prioritize the farming aspect (some people lean more into animals or other things), and I like to really build up from the start. From week two onward (almost), I pretty much invest all money I earn through fishing, farming, and mining, right back into more farming.

Week two was not nearly as active for me as far as doing things. However, I got a lot of new dialogue and cutscenes. One of the earliest scenes that most get is one dealing with Linus. When you walk into town at night, you will see him digging through George’s trashcans, something that George thinks is raccoons. When you go to chase them off, you discover Linus, who admits that he hates seeing food go to waste, so why not take it. You can respond in many ways, but it ultimately doesn’t matter. He assures you he will leave George’s cans alone. When Linus then moves to the cans outside the saloon, Gus comes out with fresh food for him.

This early scene, to me, is always a good tip-off that there is a lot more happening in this town than you might first expect when you load it up. Linus’ status as a “wild man” causes many different reactions in town. There is not a lot given away at this moment, but it is a first hint at developing relationships not just between your characters and those in the game, but between the NPCs as well.

The other major scene I got involved Vincent and Jas playing by the sewers. Jas smartly notes that an old creepy sewer would require an old creepy key. Your character comes across them, and all three are scared by “something” in the sewers. It will likely be a long time before we figure out that mystery.

The thing that everyone will experience this week is the first town festival, the egg hunt. There are two (at least) each season. The nice thing about the festivals is it gives you access to every character to talk to them to help build up relationships.

I also managed to win the egg hunt, which shocked me, I typically have lost the first time in each playthrough.

Week Two was not the most exciting, but that’s the way this game works. Some weeks are filled with a lot of development of the farm, others more with characters. Either way, this week saw me making at least a little progress in all areas of the game- cleaning up the farm, farming, mining, story/character development, etc. The only big thing missing, animals.

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