A Quick Update and Thank You

So I thought I would do a brief update to my post from Monday night. I am leaning more towards needing to restart the WIP and rethinking it moving forward, although I am still having some doubts. I appreciate everyone who reached out to offer me advice, as well as the people that let me bend their ears.

I want to extend a different sort of thank you to the other writers though. I think we can all understand the logic of “struggling doesn’t make you a bad writer” but have trouble applying it to ourselves. If anyone ever approached me with my problem I would say, “That’s one of the hard parts about writing and you will overcome it.” and then attempt to help them. But I see all of my struggles as a sign of failure. I think many of us do. And not even just “us” in the sense of writers but all of us. It helps to know others struggle, even though that feels so selfish to say. But I also hope that my struggles reassure people who might doubt themselves simply for having their own difficulties. I hope that they know… we all do. It is not indicative of who we are, our abilities, or what we will achieve in the future. It is a moment. A moment we can learn from and use to improve. And while we can easily tell other people that, we must remind ourselves of that too. I appreciate your helping remind me and I hope someday if it is needed I can return the favor.

So again thank you, everybody.

And as I said for now I am still thinking about how to move forward from here. I feel much better than I did on Monday though and that is progress.

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I am a writer and streamer by trade. A gamer, reader, and all around nerd by hobby ;)

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