Worth the Grind: Goosebumps

Goosebumps is a point and click adventure game that released with the movie from that year. It follows the same premise, the creatures from the books are out in the real world, but as more of a prequel of sorts to the movie (not precisely but the closest I can think of).

Yes, it is worth the grind!

Okay, with a little less enthusiasm. This game is filled with lots of references and lore from the Goosebump universe and is also a fairly easy game to play. There are a few parts that can be a tad tricky, but honestly, it is designed for kids, so it shouldn’t present too much of a challenge. There are a few achievements that will require some grinding, such as picking up every item that you can and having a guide will help.

For the most part, though, the achievements are straight forward, and the game has a rather low completion average time. It was also actually pretty fun for me to play. It hit a lot of nostalgia notes for me, making Goosebumps point and click was a smart choice for that 90s feel. Although the story is really just a lot of references and little else, but it’s not so horrible as to ruin the achievement hunt.

There is some frustration with a few achievements that require luck or keeping a good list to track what you have gotten, what you need to get, but nothing too much.

So if you like Goosebumps and like point and click games, it is an easy, enjoyable completion. If you do not, it may actually end up being more annoying than it is worth, especially with the price averaging $10. I would say look for it on sale and good luck!

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