May Goals

So a bit later in the month than I usually do goal posts. Also, things are still crazy and likely will remain that way for the rest of the month. However, I am feeling better than I have been since back in February and have really been trying to seize this and push forward to hopefully get some momentum going. So with that

-Significant work on my WIP

I want to finish the rough draft by the end of summer and hopefully sooner and start on the next draft. I need to really put my head down and power through it. Up my daily word count goal, get back to consistent writing, etc.

-Finish some articles and shop them

There are a few articles I have been meaning to write or have even started.

-Get a bulk backlog of blog posts

I try to always be ahead so that the blog doesn’t become inactive. I clearly dropped the ball on that a bit, so I need to work on building back up a backlog of posts.

-Look into paperbacks on Amazon

I’ve had a few people admit that they don’t buy my stuff on amazon because they don’t like reading digitally. However, I need to do some research to see if it’s worth it to offer my stuff for paperback or if it jacks up the prices too much.

-Finish the update on The Aftermath

I have put this off far too long. Needs to be done!

-Really lean into streaming

Be better about being on schedule, longer streams, start face cam again, all that good stuff.

-Keep working on weight loss

I am shocked that I haven’t lost this already, but I have been doing a decent job even with the limitations, so keep on keeping on.

As I said, hopefully, I can use my feeling better to create some momentum and really get back at life.

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I am a writer and streamer by trade. A gamer, reader, and all around nerd by hobby ;)

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