Impressions: Untitled Goose Game

Untitled Goose Game, or “I’m a big butthead simulator” is an indie game that came out late last year. A lot of gamers already know it, especially as it managed to snag game of the year for some gaming awards despite being up against some heavy hitters. For those not in the know, you play a goose. A goose on a mission but a goose none the less.

You slowly make your way through different areas of the town. Each area gives you a to-do list. Most of these to-do list items are where the “butthead” comes in. Such items include scaring a boy, so he locks himself in a phone booth, making someone accidentally ruin her neighbor’s prize-winning rose, you know goose stuff (lol). After you succeed in doing some of the items on the list, you will unlock a final item that is not optional. The final item will result in whatever character you harass at that time, opening up your path to the next area. All of this is to get to a final prize… one that if they just let the goose have they could avoid all of this drama, but that’s just my suggestion.

So basically, it’s a puzzle game. You can walk, grab things, duck, and of course, and most importantly, honk. Using your limited skills as a goose, you attempt to find the items you need and/or set up a chain reaction to help you check off to-do list items. As you play, the characters in the game have a range of responses to you, but ultimately they all become aggressive, making them more of a challenge to deal with.

The game is relatively short, although challenging enough that it can actually take a while despite its seemingly straight forward nature. There are also many ways to solve each challenge and a decent amount of planning involved. Some people will embrace all the obstacles and various ways to solve your objective. Others will find it more challenging and may get frustrated at parts. I particularly struggled at the end, for instance. However, there is a lot of room for trial and error and learning, so it’s not so challenging that it becomes impossible, just aggravating at times.

There is also a lot of replay-ability and fun if you just mess around. Aside from your main objectives, there is a lot to do in this game, and a lot of fun to be had just messing around. You want to just goof around being a slightly rude goose? Then you’ll find ways. There aren’t “official” side quests to this game, but it almost feels like it has them with the amount of random achievements and ways to experiment.

The art style is solid and works well with the game. The game in and of itself is simple but well done, so having the same feel with the look of it is good. The sounds are good, although a little lacking. Aside from your honks (of which you’ll do many, trust me), it is a bit limited. The soundtrack is lovely however, with beautiful piano pieces to accompany you.

There is very little to complain about, there is a reason a “simple” game was so well received. It is extremely well done and entertaining to boot. And again, despite seeming simple, the insane possibilities with exploring and messing about are a lot larger than this smaller game.

Bottom line? Most people have played it, and they were right to do so. Those who are late to the party like me, come on by, it’s a hell of a lot of fun. Also, if you are a Game Pass member, you can get it for free, so there is little reason not to.

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