Horror Movies to Stream

So we are all staying at home lately and might need something to watch. Here are some horror movies people might be able to enjoy while in quarantine or isolation. I know a lot of people are making these lists, so I tried to include at least a few I hadn’t seen on as many, but of course, there is cross over between horror writers.


Tucker and Dale vs. Evil

The best horror-comedy. This movie is hilarious and gory and just lovely. If you are looking to scratch that horror itch but don’t want something too bleak, this is the movie for you. Dark and disturbing but mostly just hilarious and violent.

The Craft

The nostalgia is real with this movie for many people. It’s fantastically 90s, dark, and filled with girl power. Likely every horror fan has seen this movie at this point, but it’s worth a re-watch (or several).

Paranormal Activity

It took me forever to finally see this movie, and honestly, I like it. It really was a great start to what ended up eventually being an overdone subgenre, but it remains a gem. Other than loathing the boyfriend to extremes, I like this movie, it’s unsettling and scary.

Train to Busan

As someone still devoted to the zombie subgenre, this is one of the best zombie movies I have ever seen. It’s emotional as hell and made me cry several times, but it is so well done and captivating. More people need to see this movie NOW.

The Babysitter

Another solid horror-comedy. The Babysitter is dark and funny while being a great throwback to 80s flicks. Cole is an interesting character, and while the story is not the most solid, the development of it and the characters is. Funny and messed up.


So glad this movie is getting a revival. Dark, tormented, and forward-thinking for the time as far as subject matter. Clive Barker is one of my favorites, and this movie proves why. Also, how is Tony Todd so scary and so oddly sexy…

The Witch

One of the slowest of slow-burn horror movies, people are divided on it. If you don’t like slow-burn, take a hard pass to another suggestion on the list. If you do, this one is decent. It is not my favorite horror movie, but I think it really pushes the genre and shows what it can do.

The Invitation

A fantastic slow-burn horror movie about cults. The Invitation is dark and unsettling with a focus on both emotional turmoil as well as pure horror. Also the ending…


In the Mouth of Madness

An underrated John Carpenter movie that should appeal to fans of Steven King and/or Lovecraft. This dark and disturbing movie follows a man working for an insurance company and attempting to track down author Sutter Cane. Things rapidly fall apart, and honestly, you just have to watch this messed up and crazy ride.

3 From Hell

I am not the biggest fan of Rob Zombie’s movies (sorry horror fans), but I can appreciate why people like them. 3 From Hell is the 3rd in the House of 1000 Corpses and Devil’s Rejects movies. I found it to be kind of the weakest of them but still worth watching to close out the trilogy. Also, Rest in Peace Sid Haig, and prepare to be a bit saddened by his parts.

The Fog

I like The Fog. It is not the scariest movie but has decent moments and is pretty darn fun. Most people have seen it, but it’s worth another watch. Especially if you want horror but don’t want to feel weighed down by it after.

The Void

Amazing Lovecraftian body horror movie. It kicks off early and keeps pushing the audience. The plot is a little messy at times, but I adore this movie, and it deserves more love. 70S/80s horror fans I think you’ll find a lot to enjoy here.


Full disclosure I have a lot of issues with movies that are about women getting revenge for sexual assault. I find frequently they put an equal amount of emphasis (or nearly so) on the assault as the revenge, and it makes me uncomfortable and question the filmmaker’s intent. However, Revenge manages to pull it off. It still dips it’s toe into problematic waters at times, but overall it’s a solid movie and deals with the subject well. I actually really like this one. However, people may want to avoid it, and I understand.


Again we have a trope that can be problematic, but the movie manages to deal with it in a way that helps to make it less so. The movie is a violent, colorful, drug-fueled frenzy that is really enjoyable for the right audience. It is also a shockingly restrained Nic Cage performance… well minus a few parts.


A Quiet Place

Honestly, one of my favorite recent horror movies. It is intense, well-acted, great characters, and tugs at the heartstrings. It also has an amazing opening. If you haven’t seen it, you should, and if you have what a great time to re-watch.

Cabin in the Woods

I will admit it took me a while to come around with this movie, and I don’t love it to the degree that a lot of others do. However, I do really enjoy it and find it to be a fun take on the meta-horror trope. Also, the elevator scene.

The Clovehitch Killer

Truthfully I felt this movie did not exactly live up to its potential; however, it still deserves a watch (and is good). Unlike a lot of horror movies that claim to take inspiration from serial killers, this one is more “down to earth” which I appreciate. It is an interesting story inspired by BTK, and is just as much about the family of the killer as the killer himself. Worth a watch.

The Possession

Admittedly I need to re-watch this movie myself. However, it deserves a place as it’s one of the few possession movies that is not tied to Catholicism. I liked seeing a different approach to this subgenre, and hope to get another viewing in myself.

The Descent

One of my favorite horror movies. Dark, bleak, claustrophobic, this movie hits you hard at the start and gives you very little break before doing so again. The plot can understandably upset people but give it a go.



I mentioned in my Impressions of Frozen that I felt it had some issues. Largely that it feels like a series of scenes mashed together rather than a flowing story and struggles a bit with pacing. However, it’s still a movie that I think deserves more credit. It’s an interesting and different premise for a horror movie and makes for some amazing scenes.


The dark fairytale meets the breakup movie of all breakup movies. People are pretty divided on this flick, but I love it. I also love the balls to the walls approach of one of the most bright horror movies I have ever seen. I personally think it’s worth a couple viewings.

The Innkeepers

In the last days of a hotel being open, the two workers are trying to put together footage of the haunting of the hotel. It’s a pretty cool movie, although the pacing never really landed for me. It is worth a watch, though, and overall well done.

Lake Mungo

This will stretch “horror movie” for some people. It is well done and has a few intense moments, though, and an interesting plot that leaves you with questions. It is also a legit mockumentary instead of simply found footage. Give it a go but expect more exposition than horror.


Another movie people are divided on. Watch this or Midsommar (or reverse the viewings), and you’ll get a pretty interesting compare and contrast… although maybe sore eyes as this is one of the darkest (light) horror movies, I have ever seen lol.

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  1. Ummm can I get a list of period movies based on novels of the 18th, 19th and 20th written by female authors? Just saying appeal to your audience’s needs. 😉 J/K while you know I am not a fan of the genre, I actually like reading these


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