Mini Impressions: Lucius

So I am going to give the bottom line right here, right now. The game has several game-breaking bugs. No matter how good it is, that is a mark against it that cannot be overcome. So bottom line is, buyer beware.

Lucius is, without mincing words, The Omen the video game. In it, you play the son of the devil who replaces the lost child of a wealthy and influential family in the 60s. I mean it in the most strict of terms. This is The Omen, the video game.

This is not meant to knock the game. I can’t think of another that really does what Lucius does the way that it does. It takes that concept, but puts you in the driver seat and lets you go. It is, if I am being entirely honest, a fantastic idea that leads to some pretty amazing possibilities.

Each day/night, you are given a target and a list of goals related to said target. You must work your way through the mansion and use what is there and the powers you unlock to set up the death of each of your victims with no indication that you, an innocent young boy, are connected. You start as a relatively “average” boy, just with the intent to kill. You have to work within your limitations to pull it off, only to grow with each successful kill you manage. Aside from you growing in powers and skills, the mansion also changes. The people around you change, their paranoia level does too, and it leads to a continually shifting environment despite being in one building.

For those of us weird horror fans, this game succeeds greatly with deaths. Some are gruesome, some creative, all challenge you in different ways to work out just how to kill.

You are also attempting to work out the mystery of how the family that raised you came to be the caretakers of the son of the devil. It is compelling, and while the motivation is different than say a good person trying to work it out, it doesn’t change that it’s interesting to unfold.

The problem lies in the fact that this game has not aged perfectly. With a release date of 2012, it is not shocking to find that sometimes the controls are wonky, and the graphics are “eh.” All of this is easy enough to deal with because of the overall fun of the game except…

There are several game-breaking glitches. You won’t get them every time (I have, in fact, beaten the game before and gotten around the glitches), but they can and will happen at any time. It is bothersome because, at this point, the game has been out for far too long for anyone to expect updates.


It is a fun game with a cool concept. It has not aged perfectly but is still great. But you may never be able to complete it depending on what glitches you encounter and when.

Sadly it’s a matter of “do with that information what you will.”

Minus the glitches, even with the controller and graphics “meh” moments, it would be one of my top-rated games, to be honest. It’s such a fun and unique experience that I hate to give it anything other than my full throat-ed support. But as someone that has been unable to complete the game more than once because of glitches, I simply cannot.

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