New Routine

Something I have discussed a lot on this blog is my struggles with setting a routine/schedule. I am easily thrown off either by getting distracted, mental health hiccups, Ben’s odd schedule, and working around that, etc. In the past, I have attempted stringent schedules with each hour blocked out. That never works for me. I have slowly started to work on a balance between how flexible I need my schedule to be, but ensuring that I am still on a path to be productive, fill my time, and do all the projects I want to do.

In the last several months, I have gotten completely off schedule/routine. I have basically been doing what I want, when I want, and this leads to a lack of motivation, I procrastinate more, then beat myself up, spiral, cycle, etc.

While still struggling to get out of vacation mode (as I discussed recently), I have also been pushing myself more to experiment with my schedule and start getting back on one.

I know I need time most days of the week for creative writing, work with my blog. I know that I want to stream a certain number of days each week. I also want to get time in to start going to the gym again. I need time to play and/or watch things for the blog. I need time to read. I also need time for myself.

I have sat down and considered how much time I need to devote to all of these (and more) of my regular projects. There are things I do plan on trying to have consistent times for (streaming), but otherwise, it is more “I need to work on the blog for x hours a day x days a week.”

I am still working this out and adjusting, but I am slowly starting to feel like I am making progress towards a solid schedule that will keep me productive, won’t overwhelm me, and won’t get too routine so that I just end up giving up on it.

The major thing is making sure I stick by this and follow through. Use the hours I set aside as productively as I can. I also have to allow myself to stumble without completely falling off. I turn every minor detour in my life into some major event that throws me through a loop for longer than I can even pretend is reasonable.

It’s hard after coming off of a long stretch of being mentally unwell, but I think driving myself back into a routine will be helpful. I also hope that it can help me with my recent rut and that instead of a shock to the system, simply trying harder to focus will help on that end.

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