Impressions: Couples I Loved in TV Shows

I love love. I like romance, I like happy couples, I like rooting for couples I think would be great. Even when something is not a straight romance, I am a sucker for romance subplots. Over the years, various media has provided me with many couples that I gush over, and here are a few from TV Shows.

Patrick and David (Schitt’s Creek)

Aside from being an adorable couple, I also love Patrick and David because it was intelligently written. Patrick is still struggling with his sexuality when he and David finally begin their relationship, whereas David has a lot of experience in same-sex relationships. It could have easily turned into David having to guide Patrick through and put a little imbalance in the dynamic that wouldn’t have worked with these two characters in particular. However, that is mitigated by the fact that while Patrick doesn’t have experience with men, he is a lot more emotionally mature and adjusted than David. The two have different areas where they are ahead, and so the relationship is rather symbiotic. Patrick helps David with his emotional walls, and David helps Patrick with adjusting to being in a same-sex couple. It’s rather lovely and again fits in with their characters better. David simply couldn’t have been more ahead than Patrick and still in line with his character. Also, again they are just DAMN cute.

Bob and Linda (Bob’s Burgers)

Bob and Linda are funny, sweet, supportive, and realistic (well as they can be in a zany animated show). Neither of them has blinders about the things that are wrong with the family unit, but they still love each other (and their kids) unconditionally and greatly. With so many adult animation shows featuring mildly bad to downright terrible relationships, it is great to see Bob’s Burgers go in a different direction. They love each other, they love their kids, they fight but makeup, they laugh, and they are all in on supporting each other. Linda is giving her all to Bob’s dream of the restaurant, and Bob, in return, finds ways to support Linda and her family in what makes them happy. I love the show, and Bob and Linda are a huge part of that.

Ben and Leslie (Parks and Rec)

So there is going to be a theme in my being annoyed with couples that break up and get back together… but despite that, I still love Leslie and Ben, and thankfully it wasn’t drawn out too long (also they only had one break up, which can be a good way to spice up the plot without being overused). Their relationship is sweet, there was some good angst but without being overloaded, and I am a sucker for nerds in love. There are some things with Parks and Rec that haven’t aged perfectly for me over the years, but Ben and Leslie are a great couple that I enjoyed cheering on.

Luke and Lorelei (earlier Gilmore Girls)

I specify “earlier” because I could not with this show around the time that Luke’s daughter showed up, and Luke and Lorelei broke up again. There is only so much “on again off again” I can take before I lose interest, and I had been waning on Rory by that point already. However, for a while, I really liked them as a couple. They had a quirky but lovely friendship, and a lot of false starts in getting going that played more cute than annoying. Even when they temporarily broke up because of her family, I was pulling for them to get back together. I did watch the final episode, and I liked the hopeful ending because they were, for a time, my favorite. Just couldn’t hang tough.

Ned and Chuck (Pushing Daisies)

This relationship is filled with enough angst to pull at our heartstrings but enough cuteness to balance it out. Since many people (sadly) aren’t in the know, Ned has the ability to bring people back to life by touching them. It costs someone else their life in return, though (so he rarely uses the gift), and he can never touch the person brought back again, or they die. Ned and Chuck were good friends growing up before both were orphaned (partially Ned’s fault). They are separated only for Ned to find out Chuck has died, and he is unable to stop himself from bringing her back. Chuck is a bright woman, while Ned has become mostly closed off due to his guilt and discomfort with his ability. Their relationship is not easy, but Ned is so devoted to Chuck, and she starts to bring him out of his shell. I am glad their relationship ended on a hopeful note, but I hate that this show was canceled so early. Somewhere in my fantasy world, Ned and Chuck were able to get around his ability and live happily ever after another season or two.

Mulder and Scully (early The X-Files)

Sadly I say early because this is another show I went from loving to unable to finish. I also stand by the idea that if Mulder and Scully ever did finally cross that step into being a couple, nothing would ever tear them apart; the writers disagreed. But I digress. Loving Mulder and Scully is not a unique stance to take. They are both great characters, the fact that Scully is pretty much the only person that Mulder trusts pull on the heartstrings, and they do seem to love each other more than even established couples from other shows. When I like The X-Files, I love them.

Sarah and Hank (Parenthood)

Maybe I have a thing for Lauren Graham being in love in shows? I did not love the start of their relationship. While I didn’t think Mark and Sarah should have ended up together, I was not too fond of the whole love triangle or the way Hank and Sarah ended the first time. However, once Hank comes back and is confronted by what he lost and how much he hates it, he makes an earnest effort to work on himself and better himself for Sarah. He doesn’t change for her (or for her alone, his daughter is also a factor), but he does work on his issues. He loves Sarah a great deal, and I kind of love him for it. Sarah is a little too hesitant at a few points, but it only makes Hank sweeter in that he doesn’t push. I am really happy these two worked out even if I had issues with the starting point. It also made me realize that I should give Ray Romano more of a chance even though I didn’t like his sitcom because I might have gotten a little “crush” on Hank and the way Ray plays him has a lot to do with that.

Who are some of your favorite TV couples?

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