Creative Writing: Slummin’ It

Warning: This story is to be considered 18+ and includes curses and implied violence. Enjoy

He licked his lips as he watched her lean over the bar. He had been watching her for a while and assumed that she knew exactly how to stand to get people’s attention and make her assets pop. She was smiling and flirting with the bartender, likely looking for a free drink, not that she needed it based on her dress. No, she just wanted it given to her. She seemed perfect for him. Hot and dumb, the way he liked them. It was so rare that he got to enjoy his victims. Lately, it had been more filling a need than truly enjoying the experience.

She was prime for enjoyment.

She was smaller, which he liked, it made him feel powerful. She had dark hair, which he didn’t care about. But her eyes. Bright, blue, and big. Much like her size, her eyes made her seem all the more innocent, all the more perfect for him.

Enjoyment was secondary. Whether he enjoyed them or not didn’t matter, he had to hunt, so hunt he did. Dry spells like the one he was looking to end tonight were not uncommon. But he was like everybody else if he could enjoy it why not? Doesn’t everyone prefer when they can take pleasure from the things they have to do often?

Young, beautiful, small, innocent, all things that thrilled him. Nothing thrilled him quite as much as how obvious it was she was not from this part of town, though.

It was hard to take enjoyment in this part of town. Everybody here was so beaten down. Many of his victims had already been victims of society by the time he got to them. Used up, thrown out, and forgotten. They ended up in this bar to pass the time until they died. So few of them were even afraid of him once he got them alone. Why be afraid of the harbinger of the very thing you look forward to?

No, no. He was not the type that could take pleasure from preying on the weak, the broken, those deserving of pity.

She was not one of those people.

Oh, she had taken great effort to hide it, but he could tell, and he wasn’t the only one in this bar. Her makeup was done as was popular in the lower levels. However, it was easy to see that it was of better quality, and as the night dragged on, her face stayed perfectly painted while others’ did not. Her clothes almost looked right, but he had gotten close and touched her briefly at one point. Better materials and better smell.

There was also her personality. Her head was too high for a person from the lower levels, even a young one. The only people that walked around like that were the people from whatever group of the week thought they were in charge. And those like her.

Still, he had been waiting. Maybe looks were deceiving. Maybe her cocky attitude was because she had stolen all that stuff from some upper-level bitch. But then she pulled out her gold credit chip, and he knew. She was slummin’ it.

That’s what they liked to call it on the upper levels. The rich people would come down to the lower levels and get a taste of the hard life without actually having to live it. Like they were going to a zoo. It sickened him. They had everything, why the fuck did they need to take more? To treat hard-working people like their lives were some sort of entertainment.

Never mind that he killed them, at least he didn’t disrespect them before he did it.

No, this bitch was here because it was some joke to her. This rough life that tore people down and took their will to live. She showed up to the one place they could unwind to play dress up.

He would enjoy her being his next victim. He was going to take his time and make sure that she got to really experience how harsh it could be. How bad slummin’ it was for those that had to live it. Feel pain and helplessness. He couldn’t decide if he wanted her to give in or try to fight him. That part also didn’t matter to him in the long run. He just wanted whatever would be the worst for her.

Still, something about her was off. The confidence that had made her stand out was odd for a girl who was slummin’ it alone. Most of the ones that came solo stayed only for a while before leaving, it wasn’t a safe pastime. She was also drinking pretty heavily, with no clear concerns about getting drunk alone in such an unfamiliar place. But despite how much she had drunk, her steps remained steady throughout the night. She also waved off everyone who tried to join her. People, slummin’ it loved company, how else would they hear tales of woe and misery to get their rocks off?

Why wasn’t she acting like the other rich kids? She confounded him, and it pissed him the fuck off. He really would enjoy her.

He checked his watch; he had been watching her for hours. He was a patient man, though, and he could wait the whole damn night if he had to. There were easy victims to take, people he could have followed as they stumbled out of the bar, but no. He wanted to get some enjoyment.

When he looked up, he noticed she was watching him. He was startled by this and even more so when she raised her glass to him and winked.

This girl is playing with fire, he thought.

She finally stood to leave and damn it if he didn’t scramble after her. He knew he was being obvious, but he was hard with the anticipation of having her.

When he walked outside, the thick fog that was normal for the lower levels quickly wrapped around him. Damn it, he thought to himself, it might make her pretty hard to find. He took a step when he suddenly noticed something or the lack of something. Sound.

It was never quiet on the lower levels.

He didn’t have time to think about it when he felt a sharp pain in his neck and dropped.

She licked her lips clean and shuddered with the taste. It was so rare that she got to enjoy victims. She had to hunt, and so she did regardless of if she got any pleasure from it. This one, though. So much anger and hatred in him. So many innocent lives lost by his hand with such pathetic justification for it in his mind. He had been bitter and full of darkness, and she loved it. She licked a little blood from her hand that she had missed, groaned and shuddered again when it touched her tongue. It was too bad she couldn’t have played with him longer. Clearly, it was time to expand her hunt list for more men like him.

She stood up straight and shook herself off. It had been a good night. The silence lifted as she stepped into the fog.

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