Writing Check-In

Alright, I am going to level with you, this is not going to be much of a post. After completely missing last week (and not being exactly on schedule for a few before), I wanted to make sure to hit all my scheduled posts for this week. The problem is I just could not think of a Wednesday post. I thought I would check in on my writing projects and writing in general. Lately, I have been drowning a bit, and I am slowly starting to get my head back above water (at least in this one aspect).

Blog: Yikes. My list of “to write” is growing while my “started” and “ready to publish” has all but disappeared. I need to take a few days and really sit down and focus on blog writing.

NaNoWriMo: Several years ago, I had a WIP that I was insanely excited about. I got far with it, and it was something I cared about a great deal. I honestly thought if I could finish it, it might be big for me, and at the very least, I would be proud of it. I got some feedback that had me questioning a few things, which isn’t bad, but I sort of shut down. I think I had been working on it for so long that my brain just stalled out. I walked away from it to work on The Cafe, which I am happy I did but took me longer than I would have liked. A few months ago, I started on the older project again but was struggling. I didn’t get that far on the second attempt, so I decided for NaNoWriMo that I would restart and see it through.

Then some stuff happened, and I got way behind. However, I am within striking distance of being completely caught back up, I like this rough draft attempt a lot more, and I am starting to get back into the groove of consistent creative writing which I have needed. The Cafe took me so long to edit, and I wasn’t writing during that time much at all. It really hurt my writing muscles.

I am happy this is sorted out, and I hope to see the rest of this month through and then set a new daily word count after. I don’t know that I will hit the 50k in a month that NaNoWriMo is for, especially with me having other writing projects I need to work on, but I do know it’s been helpful thus far.

Diary of the Horsemen: This is back up, and has been. Many weeks ago, I took it and The Aftermath down to edit and re-upload. When I put Horsemen back up, I did make an announcement, but I just wanted to remind people.

The Aftermath: This is going much more slowly than I would have liked. I need to go back to dedicating one day a week just to “extra” writing (work on something creative but not my main WIP), and I need to make finishing this the focus of those days until it is done.

So, that’s where I am at. Like I said, not much of a post and not a lot to check in with. I do start to feel like I am getting back on my feet with my writing, though, which is important to me. It has been a life long process. It started with me thinking I couldn’t make my career on it, to wanting to but not taking it seriously enough, to taking it seriously but not being able to work the way I wanted, to slowly starting to feel like I have a groove. I’ve never felt that groove has been stable, there have been so many stumbles, but I know it’s getting a lot closer to it. I just recently stumbled again, and that sucks, but I am getting a bit closer every day.

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