October Goals/ September Update

September Update

Not a great month. Honestly. I did manage to get some things done, and I am happy about that, but I had a lot of the same problems that I have had for a while. Things are slowly getting better, but the missteps are still happening more frequently than I’d like. I don’t really feel like rehashing it yet again. I just need to work harder, acknowledge my mistakes but not beat myself up and focus forward. It’s a process… just a slower one than I’d like most days.

October Goals

Be More Positive: To myself and other people. I have noticed I am falling back into a lot of my bad negative habits, beating myself up too much, being more negative on social media and the like, etc. I have always been open about not faking it or lying about bad things when you need to talk to them, which won’t change, but I can (and should) focus on the good more.

Rough Draft: I am making more progress, but not as much as I’d like

Enjoy October Stream and Stream more consistently

Gym and regular physical activity. More taking my dogs for walks, etc

Fitbit: I feel it’s time to move up to 5500-6000 by the end of the month. However, if my Fitbit keeps giving me issues, then I may have to stop using it.

Lose Weight: I have been losing a little bit each month I think I can move up to higher goals

Maintenance work on the yard: It is late enough in the year that I can’t do much “new,” but I can do some maintenance work in preparation for next spring. I also need to decide what plants are going to stay in the flower bed and just get covered and which ones dug up and moved in

Finish The Aftermath rewrite: This has not been going well at all so I may not make this, but I need to really try

Stop Trying to Self-Medicate and Avoiding my Actual Medication

Eating Habits: Same stuff, eat better, don’t drink my calories, stop eating out, major cut back (out) on booze, watch sodium, etc.

Be a Better Stream Viewer/Support

Clean Up and Donate Some Things: We have too much stuff that we simply don’t use. I have been in the background working on sorting through our things, but I need to ramp it up

Writing Project with Friend: I got step one down, now on to step two. This will be a slow project, but I need to give it a bit more focus

Extra Blog Writing: It can be hard to have the blog output and creative writing output I need each week. I have been trying to get more articles started (and finished) early to help with that. I’ve slowed down on this though and need to work on that

Continue to Work on my Routine/Schedule: Even more consistency and productivity

Stretch My Writing Muscles: Look for new places to submit, find new and challenging topics, write more often and more when I do, etc

More “New” Stuff: I talked about this last month, and getting stuck in a re-watch/replay hole. I did better but need to keep at it. It will hopefully help me clear out my backlog, give me more to write about, and possibly even be inspiring

Finish The Devil in the White City: I am about halfway, and I would like to finish it and maybe even start another book. I need to work on how slow I have gotten at reading; it is pretty terrible.

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