Twitch Announcements for the Week of 9/1- 9/7


*edit* Kind of bait and switch with the game. I am having issues with streaming RDR2. I love it as a game but don’t exactly love streaming it. Still going to attempt to stick with the schedule but games are more up in the air.

I do plan on doing RDR2 multiplayer still

Hello Everyone!

Well, last week was a bust. I do apologize for missing the whole week, but I was rather sick and even when I was technically better being so sick really took it out of me. Happy to be feeling better and ready to take on the week.

So I think I am finally at the point where I can set up a more regular schedule. My schedule will never be perfect, things will happen in life, and stuff will have to move around. However, my hope is to have a fairly regular one.

There are still some things to work out so this might change but moving forward I think I will be streaming Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday. During the week it will be at night and Saturday will be case depending. This might have to change up, but this seems like it might be the best.

So with that, I hope to see you on Tuesday for more Red Dead Redemption 2 finally. Ugh, I’ve been wanting to play so much.

Have a great week!

OH! Also if people have RDR2 for Xbox and would maybe like to play in the future let me know.

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