Trips I’d Like to Take

I have been sharing pictures and a few thoughts from my recent trip, but I haven’t really slowed down to write about the experience itself and what it did for me. Honestly, the trip was great for me. I came home feeling better mentally and emotionally. It is no secret that I have been feeling stressed and depressed for years now, and it has been a struggle for me to get things under control. I have made a lot of lifestyle changes recently that have been having a positive impact. I have been cutting back on drinking, I have new medicine that is helping, I am getting better at staying on schedule and routine, lots of different things that have all been working together to help me get over what has felt like a years-long mountain. I think this trip was the last little bit I needed.

I disconnected a lot (although I still was probably more present on social media than I should be), I read a lot, I had great conversations with Ben, I tried to focus on what we were doing in the moment (again room for improvement), and really just let things go. I cannot explain how refreshed I felt when I got home. I was tired but refreshed. There was a little slump when I came back, but for the most part, I felt great and honestly am still feeling better than I did before I left.

I don’t travel a lot, and this has encouraged me to change that. If something like this can have such a positive impact after so long of feeling either on edge or downright horrible, then it is something I need to make an effort to do more for myself — even small day trips.

To that end, I thought I would list a few places I would like to go to in the hopefully near future.

Chaco Canyon

I can’t actually remember if I have been or not. If I have, it’s been long enough that I am questioning it. It is not super far, a kind of difficult day trip but a day trip easily enough.

Mesa Verde National Park

A bit further than Chaco, but still something I would love to do.

Monuments Park at 4 Corners

My father suggested this when Ben and I were debating places to go, and since then, I’ve become more and more excited to make this happen. Hopefully, sooner rather than later.

Capitan New Mexico, Smokey Bear National Park

I’ve been, it wasn’t that amazing, yet I still want to go back. I think it would be fun to experience again and a good place to get away for a weekend.

Bisti Badlands

White Sands

Another New Mexico spot that I have driven by but never stopped and experienced, which is shameful.

The Grand Canyon

I went once as a child, but I would like to return again.

Carlsbad Caverns

Yes, I already want to go back. It was terrific, and I would love to spend more time there


I haven’t been to Colorado in a while, and I would like to go back as a visitor

Ghost Towns in New Mexico

I like ghost towns, and we have some cool ones, I would like to check them out

Taos New Mexico

I don’t have a specific list of what I would like to do, much like Denver above, but I would like to go to Taos and experience more of it

The Gilman Tunnels

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