Roswell: International UFO Museum and Research Center

So while on our recent vacation we decided to visit a few locations in both New Mexico and Texas. Our first stop was Roswell, New Mexico and the UFO Museum. I have not been since I was rather young and remembered being a little underwhelmed. I don’t know if age has made me appreciate it more, or if there have actually been some improvements to the experience. Either way, I found it to be an interesting experience.

I am not going to get into the nitty-gritty as to whether or not there was a cover-up in Roswell (it’s a deep dive), but just talk about how you would experience the museum itself.

The museum is presented from the perspective of a potential cover-up and starts with a timeline from Brazel discovering the UFO, to him getting others involved, eventually the military stepping in, the weather balloon explanation, and then the fallout.

*Quick note: There is a lot more to experience at the museum than you will get from just my pictures. I hope to give an idea of it but leave enough that should you decide to visit yourself I have not given away the entire experience

The museum also goes further than Roswell and discusses the idea of aliens and conspiracies surrounding them overall. From the idea of ancient aliens, to unexplained phenomena, and even delving into claims that have been debunked

There are also just cool pieces, of course, referencing aliens and space and their influence over Hollywood and naturally Roswell itself in pop culture

It was honestly a pretty fun experience although I regret that we were a little pressed for time. It is not a large museum but has enough to keep you interested, and is well worth the price. It is also centrally located enough that there are options to eat and other local Roswell things to experience all close by. I would not make a trip out of Roswell alone, but if you do come to New Mexico and can fit it into your schedule I would recommend doing so.

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