August Goals- July Accomplishments

July Update

July was not my best month. There were some good accomplishments, some backtracking on other things, and just not even starting others. Instead of breaking down each failure from last month’s list, I will just hit some highlights, both good and bad.

Work on Rough Draft: I got less done than I would like, but I have been working on it. I am slowly yet surely building back up my “daily” word count and working out a schedule for writing that keeps me from getting overwhelmed but still allows for good productivity.

Summerween and Stream more: Total bust, that was entirely on me. I tried to change up my schedule (among other problems), and it did not work, and I saw a huge drop in viewership, which was discouraging and responded the exact wrong way.

Gym, Fitbit, Etc: Bust. I did not gain back much weight or become inactive, but I haven’t been taking those extra steps, and I need to.

Drinking Less: For the most part this has been going better, but there have been a few bad nights

New Book: This was the right call. I managed to finish a book and get a decent amount done on another. I do want to try to read the book I gave up on some time in the future, but it was good to let it go for now and get back into the habit of reading again. Writers must read!

Yard Work: Done and pretty much at the point of other than getting random plants for the flowerbeds we are done for this season.

August Goals

Since July was not as productive as I would have liked I need to power through with August. This is doubly important because, by the end of August, my schedule will be getting much busier again. I don’t want to put too much pressure on myself, but it’s really my last month to see greater productivity output before having to put more of my efforts into other projects.

Continue to Work on Rough Draft: Get more of it done would be my first goal and generally raising back up my word count to a decent amount.

Actually. Start. Going. To. The. Gym. Again: Add to this my Fitbit, weight loss, general health-related goals

Journaling: I am still on the fence about doing this overall. Some days it’s just not that helpful. Maybe instead of pressuring myself to journal every day actually realize when I need to do it and when I can let it go. I am giving it one more month before I consider this more effort than it’s worth.

Finish More Books

Write Short Stories Again

Work on The Aftermath Update: Just get more serious about finishing this and getting it back up quickly

Bulk Up on Extra Blog Posts: My life is about to get busy again, so I have a few more weeks to knock this out and give myself some wiggle room in case things get overwhelming

Revive My Stream: As well as further contemplation about considered changes

Drinking: Continue to work on my drinking, using my “new” treatments more, and look into more ways to help improve my mental health

Enjoy My Vacation: I’ll be taking a trip this month, and I need to let myself truly enjoy it. Let go of what I need to do when I get back, really relax, unwind, and have fun. I think it will help rebuild me for the aforementioned upcoming busy increase.

Add More Vegan and Vegetarian Foods Into My Diet

Continue to Work on a Solid Routine/Schedule: Self-explanatory but to make sure I am maximizing productivity while also setting myself up for success

I hope that you all had a great July and that we all have a kickass August… I can’t believe it’s already August.

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I am a writer and streamer by trade. A gamer, reader, and all around nerd by hobby ;)

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